Thursday, 16 December 2010

The One Where I Write To Dexter... Again!

Dear Dexter,

I wrote to you recently. I enclose that first letter, HERE. You didn't reply. You may have been busy. I've been busy too. Watching your TV show. I'm still behind, but getting better.

I've finished two TV shows recently. And I'm a bit "Meh" about both.

The problem I've always found with TV shows, especially the longer they go, is that they get repetitive. They cover old ground.

I'm not sure there's ever been better examples of that than Dexter and Walking Dead.

A film of two hours has done something seriously wrong if feels repetitive, and like it's going over the same themes.

I watched Inception last night, and that final shot... Wow. Imagine they went and made a sequel. There is no doubt that if it contained any of the same characters it would distract from the original. I don't ever want a definitive answer to whether it stops, or not.

And I think that analogy sums up why I struggle with TV in general.

I've watched more TV this year than ever before.

Pacific was a real high. So was Twin Peaks.

Both suffered from repetition, no doubt - but they were special. And different in their own right.

The problem I found with Dexter Season Four is that I felt like I'd seen it all before. Sure, John  Lithgow is good. But he's a serial killer. And Dexters sister is on to him. So it's just like season two.

The angle of Dexter now being a Dad is interesting, but is never went as far as I wanted it too. There was a great opportunity for Dexter to have quiet moments, talking to the baby. Exploring why he does what he does. Whether he's going to change. Instead that gets little, if any attention.

Instead we still get Deters Ghost Dad. And the voice over.

I'll get hold of Season Five from Flash - but I have to be honest, this is no where near where I thought it would be. Certainly not close to Season Two - which I couldn't put down.

Season Four seems to have been on the Mac for about Two months. And yes, I'm aware that watching it so sporadically has hardly helped endear it too me.

With Walking Dead, nothing got close to Episode One. I loved it. Winking at John Carpenter in the first few minutes by killing the girl, then riding into town on horse back. Brilliant. It dipped in episode two for me, then picked up, then dipped again.

As I say, I just found it all pretty "meh" - which is a shame.

Not as big a shame as the threat of a second series though. I mean really... Is that strictly necessary??

Just to finish on a positive note, I thought the Finale was amazing. Right back on form.

In fact the last scene was incredible, and on reflection, may excuse the whole Season.

Is that real blood? Or corn syrup?

So, I guess I have a question... Shall I even bother with Season Five? Will it carry on that high, or crash right back down, again??

ps I think, despite your homicidal tendencies, you will be a great Dad.

pps I can't believe John Lithgows cock was necessary, either.

Yours Sincerely Faithfully Sincerely (Ha. I never remember which one to use!)


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