Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The One With Expendables Uncut

Best Buy have a ridiculous offer on Blu Rays at the moment.

Five for Fifty bucks.

Any chart titles. When I went in, that even included the Twilight Box Set.

This is clearly wrong. And mental.

For me, in 2010, Xmas came 9 days early...

So far, I've done Expendables Uncut.

What was cut? Blood, basically. There will still be a Director's Cut, but the bullets def hit this time.

I reviewed it originally HERE, and loved it even more on Bluey.

It's such a throw back to my child hood. Watching mental 80's action movies.

It seriously went up in my estimations - I think going into the cinema, it suffered a bit from my expectations.

Now? The scene between the big three is perfect. The action is everything you'd like. (Almost like an 18 version of A-Team). It's just great fun.

What I wanted to draw your attention too was the Making Of: From The Ashes.

Wow. Looking purely at post production, it covers CGI, dubbing bad takes of dialogue, scoring cards, the music, the premiere. The lot. Fascinating. And you know what? Stallone comes across as the genuine, humble man we realised he was when he hit with Rambo and Rocky Balboa.

He is far more intelligent than he sounds (As DavieLegend says... "He sounds like he has had a stroke and has a mouth full of peanut butter"). Great fun watching it.

Stallone is a Legend. Hands up who fancies Expendables 2??

Greatest use of You Tube since THIS, me thinks.

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