Saturday, 8 January 2011

The One Where The FA Cup Can Do One

When did I start to hate the FA Cup so much?

Was it five years ago when we lost to Arsenal on penalties, and I sobbed like a girl in the shower afterwards, thinking that was it for my Club?

Was it before that when we were chastised for not defending it, instead representing England at the inaugural World Club Championship?

I really don't remember.

All I will say is this... I want 19.

This weekend, with this break... well, it does nothing to get us closer to 19.

I know it';s Liverpool. I know I should want it more than anything... but, I'm pretty meh about it.

If Liverpool hadn't scored an outrageous last minute goal against Bolton, I would have this down as a Liverpool win, to get the crowd behind Woy. (If only for a little while).

But they did win that one.

So, I really don't know.

All I know is I hope it's a chance for the youngsters. Hernandez up front. Maybe start Bebe.

That way we at least get something from the game.

If not... *shrugs shoulders*

I used to hate myself for not caring about the FA Cup.

Now I think I'm 100% right not too.

It's a distraction.

I'd take 19 any day of the week ahead of another trip to Wembley.

Spoilt? Deluded? Selfish?

Yep. All three.

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