Friday, 7 January 2011

The One With Bubbles

This Daddy Day Care is dedicated to that Graham Collins.

This is how I've taken to playing Black Ops. I still win. On Weds, I'll prob go 1.57. I'm kind of a big deal. Sweep the leg, Johnny.

"Hey ET... I wont tell Mummy (or Dom Coke) if you don't..."

"Go on. Two mins."

*Ten minutes later*

"Cheers ET. I learnt a lot about JCBs"*

FFS. Don't look at Gray. Look at me!

"Yeah. I suppose you do look a bit like a bird...

But no. I don't know what wheel traction a JCB has."

Bubbles. On repeat. Sort of knows the chorus. (Him, not me). Then this...

Sign of a good day. I'l spend the time building your Playmobil, Son. No worries.


*tears up instructions*

"Grandad... I need your help..."

Alls well that ends well.

*Not sarcasm. ET knows a lot about JCBs.

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