Saturday, 1 January 2011

The One With 1-1-11

I don't feel much like writing.

I think I died last night.

Mrs T is being unbelievably forgiving.

She's let me go back to bed to watch Apocalypse Now Redux. (Then, during the 3PM games, I'll watch the Original on the 50, with 7.1).

There is bacon. And bagels. (Which I used to hate, but now love).

I really loved 2010. Ethan growing up, gaining a real personality. It's been brilliant to watch. I know I need to chill out more in 2011, and try to not let him pick up any of my personality traits I don't like.

So 2011s resolution is to take five seconds before reacting. In doing so, I hope I'll be less explosive.

We'll see.

Highlights of 2010?

A great year for my career. Some really smart choices made, and stepping out of my comfort zone.

As I said, a great year for Team Truscott. Ethan growing up, and Mrs T also excelling and growing into her job.

A Ledger wedding. So good that the faint sound of Biffy in the back ground wasn't an issue. Before that a Stag, ending with Biffy.

I managed to back away from twitter. (In 2009 I remember being really worried in December that I'd be spending more time on there than I would with my Family. Now I choose when to go on.)

The twitter pulled me back in for Tweetathon 2. £7K? Mental. Nice one, GC.

Biffy at Wembley, on a cold Christmas night in December.

Seeing 2011 in, at home, with Ethan being a part of it.

And then the Blog. Which I'll struggle to keep up in 2011. I know that. But that has served it's purpose up until now. And somehow... Somehow, out of all of that, being given the chance to write regularly for my favourite website. Awesome.

Expect more of the same in 2011. I'll go to the cinema a lot, this year.

I'll watch a lot of Blueys.

I'll likely get a 3D TV, too.

And I plan on writing about it all.

Happy New Year to you.

Gray was spot on with this being a highlight of his Top 100.

It was the first song I put on (loud) in 2011. After Mrs T made me move the iMac back into the conservatory.

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