Friday, 31 December 2010

The One With The Film Of The Year

#1 The Town

It has to be this way, really.

Inception is by far the more showy of the two - and really, this is a tie for me.

But my god do I love this film.

The fact that it crept up from no where, and no one saw it coming?

Well, on a wet evening, that definitely added to it's effect on me.

The Directors Cut is my most anticipated film of 2011. No question.

AMMENDED: 04//01//2011

I thought I should maybe ammend this with a bit of a tribute to Pete Postlethwaite, who died last night. I'm a bit gutted, to be honest. He'll rightly be lauded for some classic iconic roles, and is a huge loss. If you ever needed a silver lining though, check out The Town and Inception. He was in two of the best films of the last ten years as a good bye gift to the World, and that's exactly how it should be.

Now... who fancies watching Usual Suspects with me... "ya fuckin' cock sucka"

Now. Over to The Ledgers for their top five...

1 - Shutter Island
2 - Inception
3 - The Town
4 - Karate Kid
5 - Let Me In

with Toy Story 3 and I'm Still Here running them close.

1 - Kick Ass
2 - Social Network
3 - Inception
4 - Ironman 2

5 - Restrepo

1 - Inception
2 - The Town
3 - Kick Ass
4 - Scott Pilgrim
5 - Shutter Island

1 - The Town
2 - Inception
3 - Let Me In
4 - Monsters
5 - I'm Still Here

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