Tuesday, 1 February 2011

'First it giveth then it taketh away' by @diaryofaledger

Remember when rock was dirty and fun?  Back in the 1970s?  No?  Oh?  This was a throw back to that younglings.  Heavy, thunderous actually, but also tongue in cheek and one of the best rock albums of the last ten years.

No One Knows warmed us all up.  Dave Grohl in the video, drumming like he used to (like a tub thumping madman) peaked the interest of Nirvana and Foo fans.  If Dave was in, maybe we all should be.

They've always been a fluid band in terms of members but this had Mark Lanegan, Nick Oliveri, Grohl and of course Home who'd always been a noise merchant.  They were all peaking. it's an album rammed full of talent, vocally and lyrically, and spilling out of the darkness of the unrelenting bass and guitar and weird harmonies is a sound unlike anyone else.  I used to listen to it a lot in the car (back when I had one).  Volume straining to cope with the bass heavy tracks as I'd try to catch any meaning in the at times impenetrable words.  

It's one of those albums that's all about how it makes you feel.  There's actually no point at all listening to this on any other volume level than loud.  It loses something when the bass and drums aren't being felt through every bit of your flesh at high volume, almost like your being assaulted by the noise.

It's sexy as fuck too.  Something about the pounding I guess, even on something like The Sky is Falling, where things are  a bit quieter, it's still a throbbing mass of sound.  Go With the Flow's video was hardly subtle about what the band felt the song was about.

That they fell apart so badly post this album was such a pity, drugs, women and more women, and then some more drugs all played their part but as an album it's a stunner.  Grohl's best drumming ever. FACT.

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