Thursday, 29 April 2010

"If You Can Make God Bleed... People Will Cease To Believe He Exists"

The One With RDJ And IM2

I'll be honest... I always thought the first Iron Man was overrated. Not in a bad way... just turned me off a bit, how everyone lauded it. I watched it again recently though, and its growing on me, in a big way. It gets better with each watch. The great thing is a lot of people are not "getting" the sequel. This is good because my expectations are down, going in.

I went today more to test Southamptons brand new IMAX. I need to eat some humble pie, because its stunning. A real asset. Looked and sounded better than Greenwich, IMHO. The BFI has a lot to live up too, Friday... oh that's right... I'm seeing it again. *cue grin*

I wont properly review this yet, as the less you know the better. All I'll say is...

I think its better than the first one.

I cant wait to own it on Blu. It will look and sound stunning.

Cheadle > Howard.

Mickey Rourke crying in the opening montage makes me want to see Wrestler again (He was ROBBED!).

RDJ just made my top ten.

Its a shame I'm one of the few people to see this in the world, as its a worthy entry in tonights Icon debate.

Oh... and as a tip... STAY AFTER THE CREDITS!


KendallJaye said...

I went into the first Ironman with low expectations. I really thought RDJ was not going to be believable. I mean, c'mon. It's RDJ... and a washed up druggie is supposed to make me rip my clothes off a la Bruce Wayne?
By the end of the movie... I was more like.... "I might do him."
Looking forward to IM2. Opens the 7the in the states.

@maverick99sback said...

Yet again, you say it better than I ever could, KJC

fionak26 said...

I have a feeling RDJ will not be fully appreciated until after he's gone, like other great tortured souls. Chaplin, end of.
I knew Iron Man would be great and it was, I know this will be great and I know for sure that he would always have and always will get it.