Friday, 11 June 2010

"What We Need Is A Great Big Melting Pot"

The One Where I Try To Forgive And Forget Stevie Me

I tried to pretend I wasn't interested in the World Cup. It lasted until last night. Then I realised I was faking it.

My main issue is a United thing. ROM summed it up perfectly, with this...

I'll get behind England, I'll love three games a day - but there will always be a nagging feeling.

It's not helped by Nemanja Vidic's agent, who is again saying he's off. It's not helped by Nanis shoulder doing a Martin Riggs, (again).

I was having a chat with someone on twitter, who rightly said they'd be more into the World Cup, id Africa cleared up it's 70% chance of rape. I said, "Well, you'll be safer in the Stadiums, for 90 minutes at least". I blame Ricky Gervais for that type of humour. I was half serious though. There is a warped logic to it. Can Football give us something else? Something that unites the World? Probably not, if Wayne keeps telling people to F-off. No.

But what of this video? What of the hope it brings these people, who are actually fighting for our country. For real? Does it give them something to hold onto?

People that don't get it, think Football is about trying to kick  a ball into a net.

People that do get it, realise it's about unity, and loyalty, and being part of a team.

So for twenty years of my life, I've been bought up, (or more likely chosen), to dislike Steven Gerrard. He captains our biggest rivals. Now, with a predictable twist of fate, and Rios knee, he captains my country.

Ha. It's a beautiful conundrum. And a pretty poor argument, from me. I think Wayne Rooney should be captain. I dream of the day he's captain of United. Then, on a Liverpool Blog, you'd probably have a fan saying they'd struggle to follow England. So, that at least is something fans have in common. Of the big teams, at least.

Then I thought... He'll probably be off to real, anyway - so less chance of doing this... Bastard!

I really hope it's a great tournament. I hope England do well. I hope United players excel, whilst staying injury free.

I hope, if only for 90 minutes, people can forget about the worlds economy, oil spills, and other issues, and watch a bunch of blokes trying to put a ball in a net.

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