Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The One Where The Dark Knight Rises

Grays had a pretty devastating week, so being a great mate, I went round. To cheer him up, with played some Pro Evo, and I destroyed him.

Even when I tried to lose, I won.

It was painful.

In all seriousness, what's really important, is that despite having a bad time of it, and despite being badly let down, we don't believe everything we read.

Gray is a great guy.

He tweeted last week (he tweets a lot), that girls come around every 18 months, realise he wasn't kidding when he said he had no money (and terrible hair), then go. It was a brilliant self-deprevating comment.

Truth is, having a girl friend isn't the be all and end all for Gray. Never really has been.

When the time is right, he'll settle down.

If that's when he's 90, so what?

He likes the idea of little (long) micro naps, and playing games.

He's a bit like Peter Pan. (With shit hair).

My point is, in this of all weeks, Graham Collins - don't forget what you achieved a few weeks back.

A few people questioning it doesn't stop it being what it was. You raised £7000. That is unbelievable. And it will still be unbelievable next year, when you blitz it.

Ref that unfortunate Blog piece, forget it. If some people took the same amount of time re-reading what they wrote, the world would be a better place.

Hopefully he feels/gets better as a result.

We all want to cry for help.  A bit like you cried last night when I beat you 10-3.

Hang in there. They say these things come in threes. I fucking hope not, eh?

Besides... you'll always have this.


chestymorgan said...

Envy man,that's all.I mean the *ahem* bl*! p!* From my glimpses into the live feed it looks like G man has an enviable ability to secure and maintain great friendships too,not that i'm envious you understand... I'm far too flatulent and stinky to have anyone I didnt give birth to spend that much time with me.
What a kind man you are Mr T.Peace out

@maverick99sback said...


"Too flatulent and stinky" - Duly warned!

Anonymous said...