Thursday, 22 July 2010

The One Where I Just Want Another Bond Movie Already

I've kept fairly quiet on the whole Bond thing.

I have great memories of seeing both Living Daylights, and Goldeneye "re-launch" Bond, with my Dad - as well as shocking memories of my Dad seeing Licence to Kill, with out me, because it was a 15. :'-(

Having "re-launched" again, Casino Royale blew most people away. Quantum of Solace less so, although, at the time it was meant to be the middle part of a trilogy, so i let it go. I quite liked it, on it's own basis - although I can see why others were disappointed after CR added some much needed depth.

I can't help but think that if QoS had done better, even MGMs money problems wouldn't have stopped another Bond. As it is, MGMs lack of cash is killing Bond off.

I get that MGM is an institution, but sell it to Sony, or someone. Or before we know it, we'll be "re-launching" again.

That said, if it's Bale and Nolan. I'm in. Even though you could argue Nolan has already made the best Bond film ever made.

In the meantime, we have this. A game. trying to follow on from Goldeneye, on the N64, is like trying to replace Sir Alex... why bother? Looks good, though.

Remember this, though? Big shoes to fill.

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