Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The One Where I Liked Mrs Ts Love Film More Than She Did

"This Is Why Superman Works Alone"


I bet I've vouched for George Clooney longer than you have. From Dusk Til Dawn was my first 18 at the cinema. I thought he was a great call for Batman. Solaris is one of the most underrated films of the last ten years. So this, (^), this I'd been looking forward too, for a while. And...

I loved it. Jason Reitman is 3/3 now. Thank You For Smoking, Juno, now this.

The script just sparkles. Vera Farmiga and Clooney just fizz together. The connection they have, little looks here and there, is exactly the sort of thing most Hollywood films miss. And exactly what JR got right in Juno.

And almost to prove it's an a film for Adults, there is a kick in the nuts, towards the end. I didn't see it coming, and my investment in the characters meant I was a bit shattered. But hey, "this is real life".

I really think Clooney is untouchable at the moment. Even in average films, he's the best thing in it.

I need him to start working with my fave directors, which thus far, he hasn't done. The thought of him in a Scorcese movie. A Tarantino. It's the only way I'd be keener to see a new Clooney movie. The American, out this year, looks class.

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