Monday, 3 January 2011

The One With My Top Five Of 2011

Having finished with my top five movies of 2010, I thought I would put up the films I'm most looking forward to in 2011. I'll run it this week, in no particular order.

First up is True Grit, which looks the real deal for me.

I'll take Papa to see it for his Birthday, as he's rightly bemoaned the lack of a classic Western since Open Range. (I still have all of Deadwood and haven't touched them yet. I'm not sure why. I'll remedy that in 2011).

The thing about True Grit is the Coens very rarely get it wrong. They've made some brilliant films.

I thought No Country For Old Men suffered from a bit of the Shawshank Sheep Effect, but I love how it tails off at the end. I just never saw that coming at all.

Jeff Bridges is having a decent spell, too.

I thought he was great in Tron: Legacy, and got the send off he deserved. Again, he got an Oscar as a token gesture for me. But I'd rather he had a token Oscar, rather than no Oscar, so I'm OK with that.

Matt Damon? If I thought about it properly, with Departed, Bourne, he probably overtook the far more work shy Ed Norton in my fave Actor list a while ago.

So this all points to a Classic. Well, that and the fact I've not seen it get below ***** so far...


Well, I get the same vibe from the trailer that I got from Tommy Lee Jones The Missing. Which was meant to save the Western genre, and instead turned out to be shite.

Also, with two exceptions I can think of, I hate child actors. I know the girl is meant to be immense, but... I'm not sure.

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