Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The One Where I Rant At Sony For Making Me Wait...

"I Love It Because You Got It For Me... But The Truth Is... It's One Awful Tie"

I love my PS3. I really do. Sony winning the HD war forced my hand,  and I've not been back to the XBox in any meaningful way since.

That said, Sony frustrate the hell out of me. The PSN side of things, despite tweaks is a quarter of what it could be. Both aesthetically, and in a navigation sense.

I read game sites. Daily. I also read the plentiful game mags Gray gets - but PSN+ seemed to pass me by. Sony Boy (aka Gray) got it immediately. I was tempted. It's £40 for one years access, with Little Big Planet thrown in.

Hmmm... Then I thought, hold fire.

The resurgence pack is due. You've loved the idea of shooting people in a theme park for years (not in real life)... maybe it will be an incentive to get it.

I woke today, and went on my game sites. Euro Gamer never lets me down. Americans had got the pack overnight, and feedback was good. Well, I say feedback was good. It wasn't. But you need to filter out those that comment on things they hate, Orr never intend to get. Charging fifteen bucks for five maps, (including 2 old ones), has pissed a lot of people off. A LOT.

Red Dead Redemption recently got some new levels. Free.

So I can sort of see their point. Maybe they should have added new perks?

Me? I hadn't been on MW2 for two months. RDR and Pro Evo were giving me the escapism I needed - so why bother? The new maps were meant to be a way of enticing people back into it, or juicing it up for people that still played it regularly, or hadn't bothered with RDR, (Like Flash).

Now, I thought it was a great chance to launch PSN+, which soft launched last week. Hey, get the maps here, five hours early, if you get PSN+ etc. That sort of thing. But no...

Not even a sign saying "Maps here at 3PM". Gray informs me that's because if they advertise it... the network will crash. That happened last time on XBox Live, apparently. OK... But the States got it last night. Launch it at 10AM, when everyones at work, and let it trickle through.

Instead, nothing. No communication. Nothing.

I've thought for a while PSN should be integrated into Home.

Home is a weird virtual world, which promised loads. I think it should be in there, and you can go to different "shops" to get what you need. It would be a dream for advertising. Nike and EA would pay to have virtual bill boards, advertising FIFA, and Tiger Woods. Go to the Cinema there, and download all the latest Blu Ray trailers... soon to be available over the road in... you guessed it... the Video Download Store.

What's frustrating is not that the technology is not there. Half of the above already exists in Home. But it's so half arsed, it's untrue. And if it's half arsed, why bother?

@kyeLani and I went on MW2 anyway. Great fun. First time in 2 months, and I had genuinely missed it. It is still a brilliant game. But it's limited. As stunning as it is to look at, RDR has made me want a sense of scope MW2 can't offer.

The £10.99 for five more maps, that can't be accessed individually is another debate. I bought the last set,     so all in, I've spent £25+£10.99+£10.99 on MW2. Have I had my moneys worth? Undoubtedly. Undoubtedly.

So what of the new maps?

First up was Vacant, which I always liked, from MW.

Then trailer Park. Which is a cluster of small, tight trailers. Loads of claymore kills, and better players than me will clean up. Would be awesome as a team death match... but alas... you have no control over what game type you play. If anyone can explain why, I'd be grateful.

Then Strike. Always liked that too. Totally agree that the package should have been £7, (OR HALF PRICE IF A PSN+ MEMBER!), with the two old ones being available free. Graphically uplifted, with what looks like McleveyArtists work on half of the walls. There's a tiny restaurant at the back too... I don't remember it opening up into another room. Hmmm... Sure I used to camp there!

Fuel. Huge. Or at least it seemed it. I barely saw anyone on the map. There is a chance we were running in different directions. And no, I didn't camp. Weakest of the new maps, no doubt. I'll be skipping this one.

Then Carnival. One game on it, and I'll stick my neck out. It's my fave COD map. It's just full of potential. Open spaces, roller coasters, exploding fortune teller thingys. Loved it. Maybe worth the price of admission alone. And yes. You can run a little up the roller coaster track. It's the first thing I did.

All in all? I hope PSN+ is a success. I'll probably buy it in a week even if it's not. They need to harness things like Resurgence through it though. Even if it's not an exclusive for a few hours, give discount etc, or something. And for gods sake Sony, up the communication with your customers. Think of it as money grabbing branding. I'm sure that will sit better with your business model.

£10.99 for five maps? Hmmmm.

Falling in love with MW2 again? Priceless.

Jump Here For @DiaryOfALedgers (aka SonyBoy) take.

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