Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The One Where I Revisit 12 Monkeys

Back To The Future - Retro-Respective Review: 12 Monkeys.

"5 Billion People Will Die In 1997..."

So far as opening lines go, that's quite punch, isn't it?

@ChestyMorgan has been kind enough to read recently, and requested something on Terry Gilliam.

As fate would have it, on our trip to see Inception, one of those weird DVD machines had 12 monkeys on offer. £6.99, for my fave TG film? Done.

I've met TG. I went to the premiere of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas at the Prince Charles Theatre in Leicester Square. He did a Q&A, and shook every ones hand.

I didn't have the heart to tell him he'd put me off drugs for life, but listened intently, at a director who has crafted a career out of sheer graft. He was overheard as saying he was "jealous", of Inception. Presumably he meant the budget. TG has always had to "get by", and here was Chris Nolan folding cities onto themselves.

Different walks of life, for sure, but equally talented.

I've owned 12 Monkeys on DVD before. The Hamster Factor is still in my top 3 "Making Ofs" out there. it's incredible, and I can't wait to see it again here, on Blu.

The transfer is infinitely superior to the DVD, but again, it's the sound. Every time I hear a DTS soundtrack, I'm reminded of why I got a 7.1 Surround Sound, with huge speakers, and bass. (Thank you, Mrs T).

The film itself, for me, is a classic. So  underrated, and under seen, it's almost unreal.

You could argue it's Willis' and Pitts best performances, and I'd struggle to argue. Pitt looks so young, it's scary.

Played totally straight, it's a time travel movie, that pretty much ignores the science fiction of it all.

Willis is living a nightmare, sent back to discover what caused a virus that wiped out mankind, and let animals rule the world again.

A simple premise of a film, that totally messes with your head.

There are similarities with Inception, thinking about it... As mentioned, there is very little explanation of the time travel. And why bother?

TG is far more interested in spending his time with his characters, letting Willis struggle with the idea of 1990 being the past - when everyone else just wants to leave him in the Asylum. He wouldn't want to stay there. Brad Pitt was starting to take the world by storm.

Hot off the heels of Se7en, he was on fire. I think Se7en is his best role, but this is far showier. All of his quirkiness dialed up to 11, with none of the pretty boy looks. It's a towering performance - and typical of the film.

I really enjoyed seeing this again. Although the Blu does too good a job of scrubbing up Willis' ass, which gets far too much screen time!

Can't be arsed to watch it, (again?)... the below video may be for you!

Dedicated to @ChestyMorgan. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the suggestion. *Runs off to watch Brazil*


Gray Collins said...

Just Love Filmed it... not seen it....

@maverick99sback said...

You'll love it.

Although you *are* head mental, so it will prob all seem normal to you!

Nessa Louise said...

I forgot about this movie!! It was a huge fav of mine when I was... 13.

Gray! Have you seen it yet??

Mikey D said...

Great movie, love TG. Brazil is great too.