Monday, 30 August 2010

The One With 2-D Versus 3-D

@DomCoke kindly suggested loads of options for these votes, listed here.

The one that jumps out at me for this weeks vote is 2-D versus 3-D.

It's not going to grab every ones attention, but crucially, it's topical. Avatar was re-released this weekend. In 3-D. Cash cow Or cinematic gem? Is anyone trying desperately to see it in 2-D? Has anyone still not seen it in 3-D?

We have quite good banter about this on twitter, so let's actually put it to the vote.

It's available from now, to next Sunday. I'll write it Sunday night, and it will be on here for next Monday. Where we'll start again.

Suggestions always welcome for these.

Nessa has grabbed the idea for next week... I'm intrigued as to whether these work better as being linked to twitter/Facebook etc. I guess I'll tell from the voting.

Don't forget it's smartphone friendly now, so you can vote on there.

I'll write about this one for next Monday, when I'll launch the next Vote.

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