Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The One Where Titans Clash

I suppose in many ways my cinema review of Clash prompted this very Blog.

I wrote, and still do on a Monday, on GCs Blog. There, I had this to say... http://diaryofaledger.blogspot.com/2010/04/clash-of-titans-review-by.html

And, in seeing the Blu Ray, I stand by every word.

Clash was definitely victim of a witch hunt, possibly started by @DomCoke. In many ways, Hollywood has proved him right.

In "converting" films to 3-D, they have alienated fans. I still haven't seen Clash in 3-D, and probably won't until I get my 3-D TV, re-buy the Blu, in 3-D, and sit there, sharing the £100 glasses with Mrs T.

Flash saw it in 3-D, and stood by it. Last Airbender went out with the garbage with. Green Hornet is meant to be horrible.

Marvel alienated me, first by booting Ed Norton off The Avengers ("No one puts baby in the corner")... then announcing their next slew of films will be... 3-D.

But you know what? Even Last Airbender took over $100M, so... Alice took over $1BN. That means 3-D ain't going anywhere, so along as they keep releasing the 2-D too... every one's happy - yes?

Ha. Doubt it.

So what of the Blu?

Well, it looks stunning. It was always going too. It's epic in scale, and there are tons of action scenes, so like those, you should love this. There's not an awful lot you haven't seen before mind... but, it is a remake, so I'll let that slide.

I had forgotten about the intro, with the background story, filled in with images in the store. Love it. Add in a bit of voice over, and I'm hooked. I just love the idea of epic films... sword and sandals. Add a bit of mythology in there, and I'm sold.

What the film does is tick the boxes. It's not like Michael Mann made it, and it's one of the best films ever. It knows it's limitations, and there is definitely a Directors Cut in the offing. More of the Gods. The ending not so rushed. Of course, Hollywood true to form, launched a sequel instead. You know what? I'm OK with that. It could be fun.

Louis Letterrier does a competent job, especially when The Kracken starts laying the smack down. I really liked his version of Incredible Hulk, too. I'd be far happier if he was helming Avengers. He would have walked if the studio had booted Norton.

(And yeah yeah... Bruce Banner will hardly be in it... but that's not the point. They were on the verge of unprecedented continuity within different films. Creating a universe. Now? Now it's teetering... Replace Howard for Cheadle? Good call. That's an upgrade. Replacing Norton? Different kettle of fish. Harder to upgrade, with out question. Jaoquin or Brody, and I may start getting jazzed again.)

Clash is going to end up being an underrated gem in 2010. The summer is almost done, and apart from THE BEST WEEK EVER... there's been little to get excited about. Inception and Toy Story 3 were high points in a pretty drab summer, because Clash was shunted forward to April.

It's similar to Terminator Salvation, for me. On a losing battle before it was even released, and yet totally unoffensive.

Oh. And that guy from Terminator Salvation, (and the biggest movie of all time), is in it.

That of course meant it comes to Blu a bit earlier. And you know what? I'm OK with that, too.

This below though... It should have been the trailer...

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