Sunday, 26 December 2010

The One With The Honourable Mentions...

I thought I would do my top five films of the year, with no more than 140 characters explaining why. A bit of a nod to twitter, and to movie poster quotes.

That starts from tomorrow. I'll post mine in the morning, then JMcGs in the evening. We'll soon see who has better taste. Or who is more learned.

In the mean time, there were a couple that I felt deserved honourable mentions...

Karate Kid

So, how does a much maligned unwanted remake make the cut?

"Brilliantly acted. Beautifully filmed. Great soundtrack. Respects Original. Classic If Called "Kung Fu Kid""

Scott Pilgrim Versus The World

"Don't Let People Tell You 2010 Was Rubbish For Films. They Ignored This."

It's been a good year for films, I think.

Sure, you have to delve through a lot of shit (especially when you have a cine pass!), but this top five are worthy of any year.

My highlight of the year, (Apart from JMcG coaxing me into get said cine pass that is - best thing I did was get back to the flicks matey, cheers for encouraging that), in unquestionable though.

Toy Story 3. With Mrs T, and Ethan Zachs.

Seriously, seriously hard to think of a better family day we've had this year.

Read about it, HERE.

And if you're wondering where Shutter Island is, I got hold of a copy, and will always consider that a 2009 film.

Catfish really impressed me. Kick Ass was brilliant. It's been a good year. Right? Right?

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